Family Therapy

Relationships are as important to us as food and water. Infants who do not get held, talked to, or cared for die one hundred percent of the time. Ostracism, in most of the world, was once considered capital punishment by many cultures. Solitary confinement, as many prisoners will attest, is the hardest way to do time in prison because it delivers the most harmful psychological effects. Relationships matter.

Different animals navigate in different ways. Dolphins and other marine mammals navigate with sonar. It has been theorized that pigeons use smell. And human beings navigate with the help of other human beings. We do not get anywhere in this life without someone helping us. We come to understand who we are, sooth our hurt feelings, and reach our objectives in life through our relationships with others.

As a marriage and family therapist, I am trained to view problems you experience through the lens of relationships. What relationships play a role in the problem you are having? How does your problem effect your other relationships—on the job, at school, and with family? The interventions I use are designed to help you improve not just the relationship you are most concerned about but every relationship you have. 

Family therapy specifically addresses your familial relationships with the goal of improving them in order to relieve anxiety, depression and stress. Learn more here.