Men’s Group

*Do you feel misunderstood?

*Are you having trouble in your relationships?

*Do you feel angry and irritable? 

Learn from other men how to improve your life and relationships in this Men's Only Support Group!

Learn how to use a men's support group to improve your communication skills, lower stress, and express anger constructively.

This support group will allow you to gain male support and help you realize you are not alone. This group will also help you shift your outlook on various points of life by interacting with other males and examining the conversations, feedback, and relationships that form between the men in the group. We are looking for committed individuals that can participate in at least 10 sessions. An orientation assessment is required, prior to joining the group.

    The goals of this men's group are to:

  •       Improve your communication skills
  •        Increase your self-acceptance and self esteem
  •        Learn ways to develop your relationships (i.e. romantic, family, and work)
  •       Understand and appreciate your emotional life
  •       Identify what may be holding you back
  •       Develop positive attitudes

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 Cost $60 per session

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