Men's Groups Save Lives.

Men, especially black men, suffer disproportionately from all the major diseases, most of which are stress related. Stress attacks us from everywhere, work, society, nature, but the argument I'm going to make here is that most stress comes from how we relate to others.

From working with men in my groups over the years it's obvious that many of them have difficulty saying what they need to say, in ways that help them reduce stress, remain employed, and maintain their relationships. If you still believe you can avoid expressing what you need to say to your employer, friends or partner and keep your stress level under control, good luck.

Learning to identify what's bothering you and how to discuss it constructively is the key to better health and improved relationships. A good men's group can help you in so many ways. It can help you learn about the contributing factors that lead to problems in your life. A group can help you label issues you don't have words for, and a group also allows you to rehearse the statements you want to express to important people in your life and practice, thus increasing your chances for success. It can help you feel less isolated and alone by allowing you to receive the support and empathy you need in order to change. That's the kind of men's group I have.

Helping men keep their health, lives, and relationships together is what a good men's group should do. You should leave each session disillusioned with doing things the same old way and feeling empowered to change.

Keep showing up on your job and in your relationship saying how you feel without the benefits of a men’s group. Yea, just, "Keep it real" and see what happens. I'm telling you, men's groups save lives.